“What you have never seen you’ll find where you have never been” – African proverb


It is with this philosophy that Vestas Travel will take care of your journey.

Whether it’s a simple holiday or business trip, a weekend to get away from your daily routine, a special occasion, finding new places or just simple curiosity, our knowledge – coming from close collaboration between travel industry professionals – aims to offer you, through our idea of ‘travel’, an original full immersion into the thousand shades of colours, flavours, habits and traditions that our land can offer.

We will make you discover our rich naturalistic, artistic, cultural, historic and enogastronomic heritage deep into its roots. Let it surprise you!

Roots, foundation, sounds like Route, itinerary: Roots and itinerary as the experience of the destination.

Experience as sensory fulfilment. Travelling with all comforts offered to the best guests, preserving the authenticity in making you the protagonists of the journey itself.

This way at Vestas Travel, thanks to our strong supplier network built over the years, we work to make your itinerary unique and unrepeatable.

Whether you are travelling in groups, couple or solo, the most exclusive travel experiences will be designed starting from your needs and desires.

People and their emotions will take you to undiscovered places and turn your trip into a baggage of long-lasting memories which surely will make you want to come back.

Welcome to Puglia!

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Vestas Travel by Capogiro srl

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